Brainstorm, HD vidéo, 16'10'', 2021



My mother’s bedroom was mine during my childhood

I remembered that there was a time in which it was blue

under the white yellowed by nicotine


I peeled off the layers of time, driven by memories that insistently returned,

as if they wanted to preserve themselves and take care of their own survival

just like organisms do


underwater what hasn’t been dissolved is archived

underskin what hasn’t been dissolved is archived


in my bloodstream circulate foreign and familiar cells

belonging to the genealogy that has preceded me

maternal and foetal cells capable of repairing or destroying

cells apt to conserve fragments of their memories

fragments of another time

fragments of another I


Last Autumn I went back to the island

I wandered along the coast collecting insignificant fragments of scattered ceramics

abandoned remains coming from a flat surface

witness of the turmoil of time and places

fragments aiming at their inexact reconstitution

edgy and biting chips combining and decomposing over and over again


I cannot tell when the quiet linearity of time broke down

I cannot say when I started to understand the difference

between the normal, the acceptable, the convenient

cyclically I recalculate the ages of the protagonists of our story

I wonder how old was my mother at that time

probably the same age as me right now


Last October, in my mother’s house

I took the medical records of Piero’s first hospitalisations

I found dates, observations, diagnoses written in a barely legible handwriting

an awkward writing that tries to understand what is beyond control

a protocol that requires classification:

 sindrome dissociativa

sospetta schizophrenia con delirio da depressione

disturbo della personalità con aspetti borderline

sospetta schizofrenia con delirio da superuomo

schizophrenia di tipo disorganizzato episodico

con sintomi relative rilevanti


from the Greek roots

Schizein: “to split”

Phren: “mind”

“splitting of the mind”











flat affect


The brain weights 1.400 kg

and it is constantly in communication with the 2 kg bacteria present in the guts

the absence of some species of bacteria

influences the human humours and behaviour

I will never know how many cells prone to splitting circulate in my/our body


is there a boundary between your story and my story?

are there separations in a common story?

is there a division between order and disorder?


fragments shreds fracture lifting tears splits hole fold cut ripscracks scratch flakingloss bleeding ripples

ridges crackle crazing crease splits stain shrinking blister burnschalking dent dimple faded soiling blooming



Brainstorm is the stratified fragment of a  micro-digging aiming to wide the perception of subjectivity towards the idea of an eco-socio-biography..

Starting from the collective family experience of mental illness, the reflection is adressed to the process of rationalisation and understanding operated by sectioning the study object. The fragmented object risks to be perceived outside its system relations, inflicting a feeling of   disjunction. However, the repair of the decomposed "ruin" might become the utopian place in which past and future converge and establish a dialogue.

Water, considered as an archive of memory, l'is the unifying and iclusive element that relates the pieces and, at the same time, evokes the  human/non-human genealogy to which we belong.



Brainstorm est le fragment stratifié d'une micro-fouille qui souhaite élargir la perception de la subjectivité.

En partant de l'expérience collective familiale de la maladie mentale, la réflexion s'adresse au processus de rationalisation et compréhension qui s'opère en sectionnant l'objet d'étude. Ce dernier, dans sa fragmentation, risque de ne pas être perçu dans son système de relations et d'infliger un sentiment de disjonction. Cependant, la réparation de la "ruine" peut devenir le lieu utopique dans lequel le passé et le future peuvent converger et établir un dialogue.

En tant qu'archive de la mémoire, l'eau est l'élément unifiant et inclusif qui relie les morceaux et qui évoque en même temps, la généalogie humaine/non humaine dont nous faisons partie.